viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

Stonys dice

- Everybody does something concrete on the film stage, director just goes around, disturbs everybody and it seems that he does not have any function. Camera man shoots, actor acts, artist prepares scenery and director bothers. Ok, it was just for fun...

-Director is starting the process and during it tries to keep his idea alive and to get closer to his vision. I can call it a “war”. The main aim of the director is to make his dream come true. “War” usually is secret and it is hard to notice it. First of all, you and camera man have to understand each other. If you speak different “languages” there are two ways out: to show him even the smallest details or to start shooting on your own. If doesn’t fit any method you will have to make so that both of you start to see with the same eyes because there are things you can’t tell in words.

Audius Stonys
Foto: Mark Borthwick (buscad malditos)

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