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Concepto: ruido

Montamos unas piececitas para Waaau.tv que rodamos con Brenda y Marc Gómez del Moral como director de foto.

Siento que muero

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La Honda

La Honda será una peliculita. El guión tiene 1000 caracteres de texto con espacios.

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mármol SURF


Comiendo una fideuá con un amigo empezamos a hablar de Jandek. Un tipo misterioso que hace música misteriosa. Antes era más misterioso, ahora da hasta conciertos.

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Este es Oia

Oia y yo preparamos un proyectito. Esto es una muestra de lo que hace.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Superstudio was an architecture firm, founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Superstudio was one of major part of the Radical architecture movement of the late 1960s. The founders had gone to school at the University of Florence with Archizoom founder Andrea Branzi and first showed their work in the Superarchitettura show in 1966.[1]
In 1967, Natalini established three categories of future research: “architecture of the monument”; the “architecture of the image”; and “tecnomorphic architecture”. Soon, Superstudio would be known for its conceptual architecture works, most notably the 1969 Continuous Monument: An Architectural Model for Total Urbanization.
Many of their projects were originally published in the magazine Casabella, and ranged from fiction, to storyboard illustration, to photomontage.
Natalini wrote in 1971 “…if design is merely an inducement to consume, then we must reject design; if architecture is merely the codifying of bourgeois model of ownership and society, then we must reject architecture; if architecture and town planning is merely the formalization of present unjust social divisions, then we must reject town planning and its cities…until all design activities are aimed towards meeting primary needs. Until then, design must disappear. We can live without architecture…”
Superstudio was influential on architects such as Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, Bernard Tschumi

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John Berkey

John Berkey

an tombeau pour...

“In 1980, Lebbeus Woods proposed a tomb for Albert Einstein – the so-called
Einstein Tomb – inspired by Boullée's famous Cenotaph for Newton.
But Woods's proposal wasn't some paltry gravestone or intricate mausoleum in
hewn granite: it was an asymmetrical space station traveling on the gravitational
warp and weft of infinite emptiness, passing through clouds of mutational
radiation, riding electromagnetic currents into the void.” (Geoff Manaugh)

misterioso post de avance


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